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Our calibration services are built upon the experience of our technicians, all of whom receive extensive CGMP training, and through this experience have been expanding our customer base in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Food and Beverage industries across Ireland. Our aim is to maintain a very high standard of quality while at all times looking to improve on our calibration services by always listening to our clients and their requirements.

We provide our calibration services to many Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Retail, and various other types of companies and organisations nationwide as well as many pharmacies and hospitals. We are 100% Irish owned.

A key component of our business is Compucal Calibration Management software which allows us to provide a single maintenance and calibration management system for our customers that is currently used in-house by many companies both domestically and internationally. With this software our customers can be confident that calibrations are managed correctly and on time and all test equipment is traceable to national and international standards. Calibrations are completed to agreed SOP’s and CalX handles and schedules specialised calibrations with external laboratories on our client’s behalf. An overview of this software can be found on

Our calibration capabilities include:
Handheld indicators, probes, gauges, thermometers, rtd’s, thermocouples.
Gauges, transmitters, valves, switches. We have the capability to calibrate up to 10,000 PSI.
PH and Conductivity calibration
Effluent meters, handheld meters and controllers.
Metal detector verification
We have a full range of certified metal detector test pieces for detector verification and certification.
Agitators, speed controllers , etc.
Calipers, Micrometers, Steel rules, Height gauges, Dial gauges, Pin sets, etc.
Mass flow
Inline flowmeters, tanks load cells, mobile flowmeters.
Handheld indicators, Process indicators and controllers.
Balances, bench and large floor scales up to 2500 Kg, load cells, checkweighers.
Stopwatches, timers.

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