Our calibration services are built upon the impressive experience of our technicians, all of whom receive extensive cGMP training, and through this experience have been expanding our customer base in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Food industries across Ireland.

Our aim is to maintain a very high standard of quality while at all times looking to improve on our services by always listening to our clients and their requirements.

Our calibration capabilities include:

– Temperature (Handheld indicators, probes, gauges, thermometers, rtd’s, thermocouples)

– Pressure (Gauges, transmitters, valves, switches)

– Mass (balances, scales, loadcells, checkweighers)

– Speed (Agitators, motors, etc)

-Time (Stopwatches, timers)

– Humidity (Handheld indicators, controllers)

– PH and Conductivity calibration

– Mass flow