Our Services

Our services include the following

-Tracabale Calibration


-Point to point and loop checking

-Calibration Management Services

-Temperature Mapping

-NSAI Liquid Fuel Dispenser Verifiers

-Technical trades and engineering personnel hire

ECSL offers comprehensive Calibration, Commissioning and Personnel Hire services to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Food industries.

We are constantly growing our capabilities to ensure that we can meet the needs of our customers both today and in the future.


Our calibration services are built upon the experience of our technicians, all of whom receive extensive CGMP training, and through this experience have been expanding our customer base in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Food and Beverage industries across Ireland.

Our aim is to maintain a very high standard of quality while at all times looking to improve on our services by always listening to our clients and their requirements.


Our calibration capabilities include:


Handheld indicators, probes, gauges, thermometers, rtd’s, thermocouples


Gauges, transmitters, valves, switches. We have the capability to calibrate up to 10,000 PSI


Balances, bench and large floor scales up to 2500 Kg, load cells, checkweighers


Agitators,  speed controllers , etc


Stopwatches, timers


Handheld indicators,Process indicators and controllers

PH and Conductivity calibration

Effluent meters, handheld meters and controllers

Mass flow

Inline flowmeters, tanks load cells, mobile flowmeters.

Metal detector verification

We have a full range of certified metal detector test pieces for detector verification and certification

Calipers, Micrometers, Steel rules, Height gauges, Dial gauges, Pin sets, etc


At ECSL we have developed a strong level of expertise in commissioning and loop checking. Our personnel have recently been involved in some very large scale construction projects. Our teams have and are currently completing projects in plants such as Ipsen Pharmaceuticals, Mallinckrodt, Pfizer, Brystol Myers Squibb and Alexion.

We can provide both short and long term hire contracts for technical personnel with expertise in various types of engineering disciplines from mechanical and electrical trades through to project and engineering managers.


This is a service that has been required by some of our clients in order to help them to prepare for impending audits from customers as well as regulatory bodies such as FDA, ISO, IMB, etc.


Many of our clients prefer to use us to manage their entire in house calibration management systems. Some clients use sophisticated calibration software and some use more simple excel based systems.

This involves our account manager for that site taking ownership of all calibration related activities and managing those activities from that point on. We can manage and update the tracking system, liaise with onsite production managers to best assess optimum times to complete calibrations and ensure 100% compliance with all customer deadlines, procedures and requirements right through to dealing with both customer and regulatory body audits.

All specialist instrumentation requiring third party calibration either on site or off site can also be managed by us.


– Since our establishment in early 2005 we have supplied a number of major Pharmaceutical and Medical device companies with technicians on both short and long term hire contracts. These customers include Merck, Sharp and Dohme, Schering Plough and Becton Dickenson.

We are happy to provide contact details for any of the above companies if references are required. Please Contact Us for more details.

Email: info@eurotechcalibration.ie

Telephone our Office: 046 9433002 or 046 9280771


Mapping requirements vary from business to business, but typical examples include:

  • Cold storage
  • Fridges/freezers (stand alone and walk-in)
  • Ambient warehouse storage
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratories
  • Production areas
  • Blood banks
  • Server rooms
  • Production areas
  • Materials storage
  • Vehicles
  • Transport routes



Using our knowledge of temperature monitoring, ECSL provides nationwide a complete, professional temperature mapping service for laboratories, pharmacies, warehouses, pharmaceutical storage areas and individual chiller units. Temperature mapping is also known as thermal mapping.

Predominantly in the pharmaceutical, bio-tech, food manufacturing and healthcare environment it is critical that working/storage areas and chiller units are mapped to help ensure goods are being kept safe and away from any ‘hot/cold spots’ within your facilities.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your specific Calibration, Commissioning or Personnel Hire requirements at:


Telephone our Office: 046 9433002 or 046 9280771